Country specific consulting

Why choose Armenia for clinical trials?

Armenia is a very unique region for clinical trials due to a number of factors.

Particularly, Armenia has highly professional doctors with extensive medical practice in various areas, who have enhanced outpatients’ databases. Nevertheless, due to low state financing of healthcare and absence of mandatory state medical insurance, there are two major challenges that they face.

First, Armenian doctors have low income and at the same time few opportunities to conduct scientific research and be involved in new trends of contemporary medical studies.

Second, as there is low healthcare dotation in Armenia and the patients are forced to bare large-scale expenses for their treatment, the majority avoids referring for medical care.

As a result, doctors are highly motivated both professionally and financially to be actively involved in clinical studies. At the same time, patients are specifically motivated as well, considering the explicit need for high quality treatment, which they cannot afford otherwise.  

Why choose Soleil Partout?


 Armenia has been involved in international multi-center clinical trials since 2008. Although such clinical trials are relatively new for this region, our Clinical Research Organization has been involved in all multicenter trials conducted in Armenia.

Currently, Soleil Partout is the ONLY LOCAL Contract Research Organization in Armenia. Our CRO has extensive experience in regulatory support, site and investigator selection, monitoring, as well as in providing outsourcing services in various relevant spheres.

We have a complete database of medical centers and doctors practicing in different therapeutic areas, who can be potentially involved in clinical studies in Armenia. Moreover, this database contains detailed information about specific aspects of each potential center and investigator, which enables us to make most accurate selection for each study medicine according to each specific study protocol.